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Dissolving solid reagent in DMSO - (Apr/18/2015 )

Hi all,


I have issued that remain unsolved till today.

I want to make 200 µL of 10 mM 2-Nitrobenzoic aldehyde (2 NBA) which dissolved in dimethylsulfoxide .

I know that first I need to make 10 mM NBA then I dissolved this to DMSO.

But how many volume of 2 NBA I need to used? Since NBA present in solid form.

Highly appreciate for your helps.



Mw of 2 NBA 151.12

Mw of DMSO 78.13






Use mass= number of moles x molar mass and number of moles = volume x concentration.


Remember that mM is millimole per litre and molar masses are in grams per mole!!!