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Rewetting the dry PVDF after secondary antibody with MetOH or not? - (Sep/23/2013 )

I have been exposing the PVDF membrane with film during the weekend, and now my membranes have dried out in Saran wrap. I would like to repeat secondary antibody step (same antibody, without any stripping), but I am not sure if I should rewet the membrane (which now has stable primary-secondary-HRP complex) with MetOH before washing it in TBST and incubating in new secondary antibody?


Will the MetOH somehow disrupt primary-secondary-HRP complex on the membrane?

-Josip Madunic-

I would just soak it in TBST. I am used to store my used membranes in the freezer and just soak them in TBST before adding another antibody. That works very well.