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Sonicator for ChIP - (Nov/25/2011 )


I have to perform ChIP for DNA shearing and the volume size of my samples is really small about 0.2ml - 0.5ml. I am planning on getting a Branson sonicator but I can't decide on the output power and probe size. Can someone please tell me what should be the ideal probe size if I intend to carry out sonication in 1.5ml MCT and if 150 watts output power is sufficient or not?




We're using a bioruptor from diagenode. I love that thing! It's not a probe sonicator, so no issues with bubbles, unevenly cooled samples etc.
I cannot recomment the flow cooler though - we got uneven sonication with this. Just change the ice in the water bath regularly.


You can use the q sonicator which has options for tips or use in water/ice bath.