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Wet transfer vs Dry transfer - which one is better?? (Mar/29/2011 )


I have done western blots for 2-3 times and only by wet transfer. My protein size is between 15-17 Kda. We have only Semidry transfer apparatus available in lab, I borrowed wet transfer apparatus from other lab. Since now I've to western blotting regularly :( , I can't borrow the apparatus always......i asked people about semidry apparatus but everybody says that for small protein wet transfer is better....Is that true?? :unsure: ..


i find that i get good transfer of small proteins with semi-dry apparatus and 0.2um pore membrane.


We were looking at a dry transfer apparatus and found that it worked fine for small proteins, but much less well for large proteins--but this was dry vs wet, not semi-dry. But I would think that it would be similar.