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mold contamination in my bacterial culture - (Jan/25/2011 )

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Unfortunately, I havent still get rid of mould contamination:(
yesterday I did gram strain from colony contaminated with mold and saw typical Gram (+)basil, sporeforming on microscopy. but interestingly, TSC agar and Cooked meat medium still has growth like molds a lot.


You did a gram stain and got gram + bacteria... you are working with gram + bacteria, so this is normal.. I dont see the link with the molds?

And you have molds on fresh, sterilised media? (the TSC agar and meat medium).
This is not normal, you are doing something wrong or the autoclave is not working like it should..

Anyway, if there is a problem with your medium (the way you prepare it, or the proces of autoclaving) then there is no point in trying to subcultere the bacteria in order to get rid of the molds...

You need to fix the contaminationproblem.

I really dont understand it how you can get mold in fresh medium.
Have you allready tried to simply inoculate an empty plate ? (empty= just medium)


Is it really a mold, or a filamentous bacterium?

-lab rat-

First: can you post a photo of your "contamination" and your bacteria? This would help to determine the type of your contamination.

Second: can you describe step by step how you set up your experiment and how you prepare your medium? We might be able to find problems in your aseptical technique, that probably solve your problems.


Hi everybody,
thank you for your feedback.

I have two news (good and bad): first , there isnt anymore mold contamination:( second news; there are growth alot of atypical colony together my bacteria on media (TSC with D-cycloserine)

I think my stock culture has mix contamination mold and anaerobic bacteria:(
Now I guess have to pressure to the other anaerobic flora... Do you have idea?


Attached Image


Attached Image my culture (rod) and anaerobic gram positive cocci(gram strain)

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