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Ergonomic pipets - (Dec/10/2010 )

Does anyone have recommendations on ergonomic pipets? I am looking to replace outdated pipets with something ergonomic for the lab's increasing repetitive pipetting tasks. So far, I am considering VistaLab's Ovation pipets and Rainin's ergonomic models. Any others worth looking into? Also, is it worth spending the extra money for electronic vs. manual? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


I quite like Capp pipettes. Electronic is fine, but battery life can be a problem. It might be a good idea to get a retailer representative to give you some to try.


Personally I do not like electronic pipetts, always had technincal problems after a short time. Personally I perefer Gilson-style pipetts, they are very robust and reliable.
For repeptitive tasks we have some multi-stepper pipetts in the lab, they are very useful and good to handle (here also the electronic ones that have a real point because you can use every volume; but still I prefer the manual ones).

But you really should ask companies if they can give you a try, so you will find the best pipetts for your lab.


I used this
It was the only pipette that I used that did not cause me pains.


Did you happen to notice that the last post in this thread was over 8 months ago?


bob1 on Fri Aug 19 00:34:09 2011 said:

Did you happen to notice that the last post in this thread was over 8 months ago?

If you check his posts, its obvious that he is working for LHP....

He made 4 posts, all about LHP and 3 of the 4 posts are posts saying LHP pipettes are the best...


yeah, I saw that later.