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question about peroxidase activity calculation - (Dec/07/2010 )

hi all
i am working about plant peroxidase activity.
after determination of peroxidase activity by spectrophotometer
i dont know what i calculate peroxidase activity.
for enzyme activity i used buffer phosphate and enzyme and hydrogen peroxide in 460 nm.



Hola, In the descrption of the spectrophotometric method you have to have the relation betwen ud enzyme/ O.D., But the most appropiate is doing your own standar curve with definited amounts of pure protein ,or with known specific activity and compare with yours.Commercial horseradish perosidase have different units/mg depending if the valoration is made with pirogallol or ABTS. Make a graph with amounts of commercial peroxidase against O.D. and the yours Relationing the responses of both you can know how pure is your preparation. Buena suerte