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genomic DNA extraction - why there appears a smear on the gel photo (Oct/02/2010 )

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We use 0.1–0.2 µg EtBr per ml fine.
Silver staining and crystal violet are also less-toxic alternatives, if you really need them (I agree with phage that EtBr toxicity is overrated). E.g. Invitrogen offers a gel purification kit with crystal violet, to avoid UV-light for visualisation (S.N.A.P. Gel Purification Kit).


phage434 on Mon Oct 4 12:36:55 2010 said:

We use sybr safe for both the gel and the running buffer. But it's expensive, and probably not much different in toxicity than EtBr. I tend to be driven by the paranoia of my colleagues, but I think low concentrations of EtBr are basically non-toxic.

If you're willing to take the time, then staining the gel after running it is probably best. If you destain as well, then you get high sensitivity to boot.

Unfortunately, my colleagues find it messy to stain the gel after running it. Also personally, I prefer to see the results immediately after the run, rather than wait for another 15 mins for staining. That is why, I am looking for an alternative which is non-toxic and quick. Thanks anyways... :)

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