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protein concentration per well - (Jul/27/2010 )

Hello Scientists,
some one told me that protein is loaded with respect to the size of the wel, let say 10 micrograms per one cm, is it true or not. What i assume was 10 micrograms per micro liter.
hope to get answer soon



i have never heard of any such concept... u load watever amount u want in each well depending on ur application taking care u dont under or overload the protein!!!
what amount u can load depends on the protein concentration and the well dimention.. tats it!!!


Thanks...may u b blessed wid great achievements in life.


:lol: :lol: :lol:

thanx dude!!!


In continution with SDS PAGE, can we reuse the electrode buffer which is incontact with the samples in stacking gel.



well if u are a very poor loab then u may reuse it.. but i wud not reuse the running buffers!!! :D


Protein and DNA/RNA are quite frequently loaded based on the width of the lane, if you load too much you get a blob with some smearing for a band, if you load too little, you won't be able to see the band. The quantities people usually say to load are typically for 8 mm lanes.

You can reuse buffer about once, but it won't work very well as the electrolytes run out.