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is it ok to use EtOH or MeOH instead of Butanol? - for sds-page, ran out of butaol (Jun/16/2010 )

I just ran out of butanol and only have ethanol and methanol in the lab. is it ok to use those to make a smooth surface for lower gel?


Yes, it is.
In my lab we do it always with ethanol.


Chakchel, do you have phase interface between ethanol and buffer/acrylamide solution?

In my lab butanol is usually "borrowed" by people who use it for TLC so we switched to amyl alcohol. :lol:


When EtOH is pipetted too fast onto the freshly poured gel, you may see a slight interphase, but after a short time the EtOH is only one phase above the polymerizing gel.
We never had any problems with EtOH.
Some groups I've been at also use water.