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Immunofluorescence - Antibody dilution (Oct/23/2009 )


Im going to do an immunofluorescence staining in my samples. However the amount of antibody that I shoul pick is too small. I was thinking in get a reasonable amount and dilute in blocking buffer. What I did not use, store at 4C. Anyone knows if I can store antibody in blocking buffer like this for a week?!



Sometimes you can, if the antibody is good. 3-4 days should be fine. However add sodium azide to protect it from contamination.

Good luck


i have done it with my antibody and it works fine for me.....all the best


It depends on the antibody.
You can even store it at -20C, this way you should be able to keep it longer. I did it with some antibodies I wasn't using too often and it worked just fine.