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any employers on here? I need advice - (Aug/25/2009 )

Hey all,

I have a bit of a problem and im pretty frustrated about it. My partner finally got a job (the one in my other thread) but the offer of employment has been recinded. A formal offer of employment was made subject to references and they were happy with all the certificates he gave in etc. It turns out that the college he went to told him he had passed a key skills english module, but when he rang them for the certificate they said he hadnt passed at all (key skills isnt worth the paper its written on tbh). They are now making this big fuss over a very genuine mistake and wont give him the job even though the offer was made on the basis of references and nothing else. I think our biggest problem is that this was a verbal contract.

I am wondering if there is anything we can do to appeal?

Any replies are very welcome.


I'm not sure what legal avenues you have, but does your partner really want to work for someone who obviously doesn't want them anymore? I know that I wouldn't feel comfortable in that environment.

Just something to ponder while being frustrated ;)