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Introduction of my PhD thesis - how long should this section be? (Aug/05/2009 )

hello out there,

iīm currently preparing my PhD thesis (multi-paper dissertation)! but donīt know how long the introduction part should/must be!

does anyone of you could give me some recommendations of how long this section should be! 15 pages?

thanks in advance


mine was 46 pages long (double spaced, font 12).

Personally, I think the intro should cover the sub area that you are working on. Something that will get to speed the next person who wants to continue your work.

THe best person to speak to would be your supervisor or advisor.



I had a 4 page introduction which basically covered the impact of my work on the field and then I had a 60 page review of literature that explained mostly all the things the reader needs to know to understand the work that I did.


-T C-

hey moljul,
if you're writing introductions for each chapter individually i'd recommend you not to expand too much in the general introduction, since you'll be giving more detail in each chapter.
if i'm not mistaken you are in chile right? good luck with the writing up!


recommend to a book: Research writing
written by Lee Wai Ying; Laina Ho; Mary Ng En Tzu.

This is the text book for the last year graduate students who come from non-English spoken country in my university.
Mainly teach the students how to write paper and thesis.