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A Diploma in biotherapeutics from reliance life sciences? - Help in choosing a career path (Jul/04/2009 )

Hi.......... I am a Bachelor of engineering in Biotechnology (BE biotechnology) from India. I have just now completed my studies and have been planning to do my masters, but its too late to apply here in india for this year so i will have to try again next year.

In the meantime i have been selected for a diploma course at reliance life sciences(mumbai), i was selected throught a written test and interview. The course duration is onw year and only 20 students are admitted in a year. Further info of what the course is in this link , i have been selected for the " Diploma in Biotherapeutics" program...

The course fee is 1lakh rupees, my problem is i wanted to know if i can get a job abroad with the help of this course? are there companies who will be willing to take me if i complete this course? As the main focus of the program will be in stem cells, will i have other future options??

Please help me,

Thanking you


How long have they been offering this course? Will they put you in contact with prior graduates of the course so you can ask them their assessment of its value?