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Research Assistant positions for semi fresh graduates like me - (Jun/16/2009 )

Hi everyone,
I just need some honest help from everybody out there.

I graduated about a year ago with a BSc in life sciences from NUS (in singapore). I played my way through undergrad years and as a result my grades are not fantastic. I decided that work experience will help so I joined a lab in a well known institute and have been double timing as both full time lab manager and RA. However my boss is not big on giving opportunities and now my experience when it comes to techniques is still quite basic. I have learnt by leaps and bounds but I have yet had the opportunity to publish. My contract is ending at the end of the year and I do not want to renew it in this lab. I am looking for another RA position but its so difficult given my list of skills doesnt have any fancy things in it. I dont mind leaving home and going overseas. I am also mugging for my MCATs so that avenue is open. Please help i need advice



Have you think about working overseas?

-Minnie Mouse-