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Job interview advice! - (Jun/07/2009 )

Hello everyone, I've been a "lurker" of this board for quite some time now and have finally decided to register! Anyway, I had a phone interview with GSK on Thursday about a biochemist position; the next morning he called me back and invited me down to GSK for an on-site interview. I was caught off guard and didn't expect that quick of a reply. Anyway, I have my interview on Tuesday, I have already prepared my presentation (I just shortened up my Masters defense a little) and am just looking for any general advice from anyone who has had experience with getting a job in pharma. I bought a suit today, I ended up getting a gray pinstripe suit with a turquoise undershirt and blue/green simply patterned tie. I've heard some people gasp at the idea of not wearing a white undershirt with a regular tie, so I'd like some input on that. Anything would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!


You want to wear a formal suit that lets people know you are serious about the interview, at the same time that makes you comfortable, confident and not awkward and nervous.