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need guidance for entry in european industries - research and development (May/28/2009 )

Hi Bioformers,

I am working as research scientist in an indian industry. I want to explore some industries in abroad. I have heard that getting entry in european or US research industry is quite difficult. I tried to search some sites but cudn't get much guidance. If somebody could provide some links or some guidance it would be really helpfull.

Thanks in advance.



Nobody replied to my post :( . I think people go abroad only for postdocs, not for this kind of jobs :o . Anyways i am still waiting if somebody could contribute to this post also :)



Well ok, here is the answer. You are from Indian industry so I believe that you have Indian degree. Most of the foreign institutes do not have any tie-ups with Indian institutions so the employers don't really understand Indian degrees when employing you. Even when an European goes to the US, they have to face hurdles for the same reason (and they have tie-ups)

Apart from that you don't speak local language which is very essential for all psuedo-nationalist Europeans (I know, this is smart arse comment and planting a heated debate but after staying in Europe for last 10 years, I have learnt this bitter truth)

To cut long story short, don't bother coming down to Europe. May be US or similar countries based on immigration are relatively nice embracing foreigners. (Keeping curry bashing in Australia aside for a while) Trust me, you don't want to live like a second class citizen in a country where you are supporting the economy as oppose to the parasite.

(P.S. - As soon as my contract is over, I am out of Europe)


Hi noelmathur,

I have heard the same thing from people whatever you told me. I know it is difficult but may be it depends on lab to lab. Actually I was interested to know about any companies in europe , US or anywhere across the globe. I don't know how to get there, coz i haven't seen any advertisements also for the same anywhere. So if people are already working there, i wanted them to share their experiences. I know few people go for postdocs and then join industries there itself, i've heard this way its still easy but direct entry :huh: , i don't know if somebody has gone like this.