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lab conspiracy - tough time (Apr/13/2009 )

i am upset fr some days .and problem is in my lab enviroment.
problem is i dont have any prominant work to do. no important
work. i remain most of the time free n learn nothing. i
am research officer n most junior in lab. all seniors have projects n
work to do. in start i was engage with one of the PHD student.
bt when her projects ended am just become a rolling stone.with her i made stable cell was hectic job bt i did with again my supervisor(doctor)assigned me stable of hcv one gene. that is already inserted in vector.i have to do nothing just selection.i m learning nothing. i want to do some valuable work. not repetitive and useless work.

actually i feel two reason behind this

one i am masters (Msc), not mphil or phd. 2ndly in lab there is extreme shortage of things any new projct means expense of money

thirdly those who already have projects cnt share some one new member.and i am also very shy person cnt fight for right.

bt what are the reasons i am totlay wasting my time , n getting
mony , learning nothing.i am doing job for my thirst of home is upset. i have one little sweet 3 month daughter. i even leave her daily only for my result is zero
much . plz suggest me what shuld i do. i am upset.


Sounds like you need to seize on your own research.


may tell your PI that you may wish to do PhD in this lab in future.

then he may give you a project to do.

-Minnie Mouse-

I think you should talk to your boss and if he really tells you that they have nothing to do.... remember that you are doing the job to learn something without getting payed (if I understood your post right).......stay some days with your cute baby and think about what you would like to do.

If you boss has work for you to do, everything will work out ok.

But you have to get up and open your mouth and tell people what you want! Most people are too self absorbed or stuck in their own troubles and problems, they will not notice that your are upset or suffering from a situation.....esp in situations you describe: money short, material short and everybody has to fight for his/her things.....

good luck!


"may tell your PI that you may wish to do PhD in this lab in future.

then he may give you a project to do."

I don't have a PhD and have no plans to get one. I currently have 4 major projects, each one with little side-arms.

that may help him, Minnie, but it may not; all depends on the PI