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Places for seeking conferences and workshops information - (Feb/02/2009 )

Keystone Symposium:

Cold Spring Harbor Lab Meeting and Courses:

Please add more...


Gordon Research conferences- mostly in the US and Europe 5 days of intensive lectures from the top experts in the field. They are closed meetings so unpublished data is often discussed

European meetings and short courses


10 Academic Resources Daily

Not only conferences/workshops but also some available positions
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european locations only
mainly european locations

other ones:


As an addition to the list, here is one more place to look for upcoming conferences


I want to attend a conference sponsored by Key Stone in Vancouver but I find it very expensive (750 CD). Is it always like this for Key Stone conferences? I found many other conferences in Canada much less than that (e.g. Lung Cancer conference for 150 CD).


Exactly for this reason in the NKI we have set up our own tool,, in which we have added meetings of all big organizers.

This tool is an initiative off a group PhD students at our institute, so if you like it, please share it with more people and add missing meetings!