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and then there was life! - (Jan/27/2009 )

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I am sure there must be some theory that should be able to explain that also... like impact of minute differences in some of those chemicals, the difference in altitude they are at, the temperrature the rections occur in. . and all of these small differences summing up to a huge difference. :P

I hope Curtis comes back to explain this one though. Haven't seen him for a long time now.. . must be some biochemistry that is occupying his mind B)


The irony is that it really was that simple. A viola and there it was! Yet it was also so much more delicate and complex than that all at the same time. The beauty of life, creation, and the universe is that it is extremely complex and complicated. At the same time it is also extremely well balanced, and delicate, and chaotically well organized. To think of the fact that everything had to go exactly as it did for billions of years just so we could all read this is astounding to say the least. One small change in the universe would have completely changed this moment.

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