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Route to Academia - (May/13/2014 )

Hi all! I am  Hiang Hao and I need some advice from you all.


I have just got my PhD (Molecular Entomology) last month. However, I've been working full time for work 10 months in a pest control company, which has nothing to do with "molecular" work (after sending my thesis). I work there because I have no other better options: research assistance with 2000 bucks a month (renewal every 3 months based on availability of grant), while this company offers me 8500 bucks a month with profit sharing & 13th month salary. I've been looking for post-doc but there is no vacancy in related field. Moreover, because my wife is pregnant, I want more stable job than job with contract that has to be renewed once every 3/6 months.


However, i feel little accomplishment frm the works i do sad.png . Through these months I realised that I prefer researching and publishing more (I have only 3 publications though sad.png , due to improper planning), than talking to and training layman, and comforting/explaining to clients who have unreasonable expectations. 


I am planning to work my way to colleges/universities with research grants (Molecular Biology). However, I am still bound to this company for 1 year. How possible is this because there'll be a huge gap between my graduation and the end of contract? I will achieve nothing related to Molecular Biology within this period. And what can I do within this year to improve myself and achieve something in Molecular Biology so that the chances of me going to Academia is higher. I realise that the pay in Academia will be lower than my current pay, but it is okay for me.


Thank you!


In this case choosing contract research related job may keep up your hopes of academic career. But yes there's financial risk taking involved. Other option is try for Post-Doc from same job if you get it, you have better option plus less economic risk.