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Dissertation database with full-text search and access - (Mar/22/2014 )


I just found out about a French dissertation database called which apparently gives an overview over complete dissertations, dissertations in making and allows full-text search as well as online full-text access. However, it only covers dissertations from French universities.

Now I'm wondering whether anything like that exists for dissertations from, say, the US, the UK, or any other English-speaking countries (or in my case also German-speaking countries).

I didn't do an extensive google search for such databases yet, but I'd just like to know if anyone knows of particular dissertation databases offering full-text search and access.


Thanks smile.png


There is one but I forgot the name since I graduated 3 years ago. I used to login to that website via our library's website. We couldn't login from outside the uni.

I'm sorry for replying to your question without giving any name, but I just want to say that such website(s) exist and are quite popular. Maybe you need to check with your library, or wait for other users to reply.


Proquest exists: (but it's commercial and the library might have an account)

And for germany here:


Yes Proquest is the one.


others are: (angloamerican theses (US, UK, Can only) (uses proquest for free somehow);jsessionid=6BD16439CA5A49D64C3059B66B93C509 (UK only)

and surely several more


Thanks Curtis and Hobglobin !

There are really some good links in there, especially the open access ones are useful. Also found this one which was linked on the dnb website: - covers theses from Europe

I also meanwhile found this: - overview of different online dissertation portals, sorted by geographic regions, not all of them are open access though