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Your Non-Research Career Guide - (Oct/14/2013 )

Our Alternative Careers Group based in Paris, France has put together this collection of resources for Life Science PhDs wanting to find non-Research careers:


There is country-specific information for France, but also a great deal of up-to-date information for PhDs everywhere!




Thanks! :)


Nice.  Thanks Doxorubicin.


@Doxorubicin: Huh, I should not have read article about PhD's overproduction from  that link.biggrin.png . Thanks for link.


Thank's for the information!

I'm mad like hell with all this phd adventures.

As I said previously somewhere, I'm non-native English speaker and non-European. I have moved to Europe to do a phd. I liked biology, I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills. I believed that doing a phd will open some prospects for me.

What did I obtain?

4 years of lonely struggle with ignorant and unsupportive supervisor on senseless project.

Nobody ever wants to hire me because I am a foreigner - this is very obvious, I don't speak other international language except English etc etc.

In my home country there is no life science (the govt financing is scarce) and no bio-tech industry.

It appears that my phd degree that I obtained with such a great pain is completely and absolutely useless. I have sacrificed years of my life for NOTHING.