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Choice - (Jul/27/2013 )

If you have to choose between job location of your choice and family (parents) expectation to stay at their place nearby what you will choose?




location of my choice


but, it may depend on how much someone requires their family's assistance.


The more my parents would want me to stay

the more would I want to fly away.


(Ehm, that even rhymes..  It's way too hot for my brain in here)


@ mdfenko:

Depended on parents for educational support in school time. now completed university edu. so economy will be lesser issue for me. But now time is to care for them, They are getting old  now!!!!!!!

can't afford to take fly whole family to new place, atleast in start.


@ Trof: 

I do agree with you. But have to think out of whim.


i guess you answered your own question