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[new website] SurviveBio - AP Bio Study Center - (Jun/30/2013 )

Hello guys, I was a senior in high school this year taking AP Biology and was surprised to find that there wasnt any one website that had more than one studying tool so I decided to create one myself. is the ultimate resource for studying AP Biology. There is a collection of instructional videos, flashcards, chapter outlines, practice tests, and a question and answer section (like Yahoo Answers) to help the user study in different ways. To make the site more engaging and interactive, users can register and get points for using some of those study tools. For example, if a user answers someone else question, they get 50 points. These points can raise the user's rank and get them closer to winning medals to show off on their profiles. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Edited link so as to direct link to your site rather than a "leaving facebook" page. Bob

-Jake Sanet-

Nice site, having got a bit beyond that sort of stuff, not all that useful for me, but still nicely laid out and good info.


thanks, any more suggestions?

-Jake Sanet-

Jake Sanet on Sun Jul 7 22:43:22 2013 said:

thanks, any more suggestions?

I like it.



However: wouldnt it be nice to have links to more details about each subject?

Also: where does the info come from? Where are the references/books/links you used to get it?


Site not working for me. 

-Ameya P-