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Colorado vs. Utah - (Mar/05/2013 )

Hi eveyrone,

I have offers from the Cancer Biology program at the Uni of Colorado at Denver Anschutz Medical Campus and the Molecular Biology program at University of Utah. I have looked into both schools and concluded that they are very similar in ranking, fundings, post-doc "success" rate, all the way down to cost of living. I am just curious about what you guys think. Where would you go and why?

I've asked people who know nothing about the schools, and they all unamously said Colorado. This poll isn't meaning-full, but I don't think it's meaningless either. Let me know if you know something about either schools. Thanks!

my best,

Jeff Kwak

-jeff kwak-

Not from the US and don't know the schools, but one is specifically cancer biology and the other not, right ? If they're similar in everything else I would choose which subject or direction suits me better (focus on cancer vs. something else).


University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.. that's, ehm in... Aurora.
I heard some PhD programs there really makes you crazy..