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Endnote's search engine sucks - (Mar/01/2013 )

Every time I search a long article title the Pubmed engine in Endnote can't find it. I always have to shorten the article title to get a match. Do you guys have this problem too? Especially if the title goes to the second line it's impossible to find a match. How to solve this problem? am I doing anything wrong?


I don't use endnote, but it is a problem for most search engines anyway. I don't think there is anyway around it, other than petitioning the endnote developers to fix it.

You could try another (better) reference manager such as Jabref or mendeley (both free)


I think this has to do with with the software. Did you copy and paste your article title from the bibliography or from another search engine to the Endnote search function?
If you did that, then Endnote consistently does something weird - it will paste it in rows (e.g. if row 1 fits 8 words and your title of interest has 16 words in it, then Endnote would assume that you had TWO sets of titles - so it automatically renders the first 8 words into row 1 and the rest in the next rows).

What I normally do is either shorten your search title or manually 'join' the sentences together - example:

"Every time I search a long article title the Pubmed engine in Endnote can't find it."

will be recognised by Endnote as:

"Every time I search a long article title (ENTER)
the Pubmed engine in Endnote can't find it."

Although this is one of the bugs that the Endnote developers have missed after so many updates, I still think Endnote's search function is quite efficient and powerful. Sometimes, by just searching the first 4-5 words in the title could yield the article you're looking for. Sometimes I use the "AND" search function to combine the first 4 words of the title (manually typed in) with article year and/or first author surname.

-science noob-

Thanks guys, I have heard about Mendeley before. i'll give it a try.

Yes I copy and paste titles from websites to Endnote. I noticed my Endnote is case sensitive too. I have version X4. The search engine gives error if all the words start with capital letters. I have to manually change to lowercase, and it's so troublesome.


Endnote developer could have done a better job. For example, the search window always stay at top of other windows, very annoying. I don't know the reason behind that. If you search by author, you have to put a common between last name and first name, why could not they do it without the comma like PubMed?