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How to find conferences on a particular discipline - (Jan/13/2013 )

I keep checking Keystone Symposia website and twitter, but they have no other conference on apoptosis, cancer and immunity after 27 Jan until next year. That is weird. They are one of the largest organizers of such conferences. Does this mean there is no other conference on these disciplines in North America? I'm looking for conferences in California to present my work on the Bcl-2 family. Preferably around LA, because that's one of the only connections from Tokyo.

We already have a thread about conference websites, but I didn't want to unlock it. Actually, that didn't help me much. EMBL website is great, and they post their upcoming events to our calendar. But they are in Europe mostly.


Try Gordon research conferences too.


ok, thanks bob


Arent you in touch with people in that field?
If so, ask them...
If not: check the website of the people working in that field, check the "famous" professors and see to what conferences they went the last years..

I know this might take some time, but this is how I sometimes find an interesting conference.


thanks Pito