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Free antibody samples ? - (Dec/14/2012 )

Hi there,

does anyone know a company where you can get a free (or inexpensive) sample aliquot of an antibody to test it before ordering ?

Any ideas/experiences appreciated !


find the company that sells your antibody of interest and ask them for an evaluation sample.


Actually, I already wrote to several companies which produce the AB I'm looking for and politely asked them just that, but so far all responses were negative. That's why I wondered if someone knew a company with the habit of giving out samples.


don't write. call them and speak with a person in customer service or talk to a sales rep when they visit (you may have to follow up in writing).

many companies, large and small, will give (small) samples for evaluation.


Here is a nice thread on how to get free antibodies


@mdfendko, bioforum: Thanks for your replies. I'll make sure to ask the next time a sales representative of one of the companies is around.....

try here (most cost 30dollar)


Thanks for the link, unfortunately they don't have one against my target




We've been prompting our free antibodies for evaluation scheme (PPS) for almost a year.


This is still open for UK researchers, but overseas customers need to pay shipping


The condition for free samples is evaluation data feedback.


Alternatively, you can purchase a sample size , i.e, 20ul antibody from our range  @ £30.00 plus £20.00 shipping for UK and £40.00 for overseas