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stimulate vs activate - (Nov/12/2012 )


Which one should I use in term of recepter and ligand.

Ligand activate recepter
Licand stimulate recepter


I'd say: "A ligand activates a receptor." (As they function as activator then.)


What if the ligand/receptor is an inhibitory signal?

I would probably say either:

The ligand binds the receptor... or

The ligand complexes with the receptor

But obviously, if the ligand/receptor interaction you are talking about is in fact an activatory one, then I think using either activate or stimulate is probably fine (I'd use activate though, as we do tend to talk about activation or inhibition, rather than stimulation).


I agree with hobglobin; even if an inihibitory pathway is triggered receptor-dependently, the ligand has activated the receptor;


I would rather use the term "stimulation" in the context of a cell reaction or physiological process

-Inmost sun-