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How to expand column numbers in EXCEL 2003? - (Aug/19/2012 )

in Excel 2003 number of columns is limited to 256, but I need more than 1200...what to do?
thanks for any idea

-Inmost sun-

Very simple: you cant..

Not what you wanted to hear, but you cant get more columns in excel 2003.

Perhaps you need to switch columns with rows?


Office 2007 and 2010 have more and OpenOffice too, though I'm not sure how many....


It's a bit tedious but have you tried "add column"? You may also be able to put the data into new sheets and link them.

Excel 2010 gets up to XFD as the column lettering goes (16926 columns?).


My openoffice calc (version 3.2) has 1024 not enough