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Using My Protocol and Cells - (Jun/12/2012 )

Hi Guys,

I'm an undergrad.

So I've spent half a year developing this ingenious protocol for generating pure primary microglia and this other lab's been using my protocol and using my cells because they cannot do it right.

They never put my name on any posters which were pretty much done with my cells.

Should I get credit? Or is this just some common thing done in research? How should I go by getting credit?


It is always difficult to judge if somebodys input justifys that you are on a paper/poster. Because even if you spent a lot of time on the protocol - it might be something which is seen as routine procedure in your field - and it took you a lot of time and effort to master this because you are new to the lab. This is something only you can answer for yourself.

However, from what you are writing I think you should be on the posters. As you are still an undergrad it might be difficult for you to deal with this problem on your own. Talk to your supervisor - he should be able to appropriatly deal with the other lab if neccessary or explain to you why you are not on the posters (lab policy etc).
If your and/or the other labs policy is to not put you on the poster/paper for technical input which is ESSENTIAL for the work then you should probably avoid working in/with these groups in the future. But talking to your supervisor or a postdoc/senior lab memeber whom you trust is the best way of getting an answer to your questions. Fingers crossed.


you might also want to consider writing up the protocol and publishing it yourself (with your supervisor/lab head, of course).