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solid research papers? - (Mar/22/2012 )


I was discussing with my mentor about graduate studies and application and I asked her about how many papers should have to be at least qualified to apply to a good school and she told me one solid paper better than five week papers even if it was not published in high impact factor journal, middle one will be fine, so can any one explain to me what kind of research is "solid" and can you please give me a sample of these "solid" papers, please here I do not talk about graduate application?

thanks in advance,


I think she meant that a "solid" paper is a paper that has sufficient content and is comprehensive enough and has a sound statistical and literature part for that topic, too...In opposite to weak papers where the content of this solid paper would be spread over 3-4 of these weak ones...
I guess it depends a bit on "taste" and what people think is weak or solid enough for a paper too



thank you so much for your response.
I did not think that, till now, I thought she meant pioneer or unique work, so do you think a good paper depends on how many time it was cited?
because for me I always search for those papers which break the records in citation times?



Citation is a longtime impact because you cannot get a lot of citations after 1-2 years. Thus the impact factor of the Journal has a direct effect on that "Solid". The solid papar is denpendent on the field, if you work on rare disease it is difficult to get a high impact factor. Since you log in here, I assume that you are majoring in biomedicine. Thus the solid paper your mentor regarded would be JBC in biochemistry, JI in immunoglogy, Proteome journal, with impact factor > 5.