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Graduate Student recruitment weekend come to talk about my research pas - (Mar/18/2012 )

This coming up weekend, I'm taking part in a Graduate Student Recruitment program. I'll meet and interview with departments and professors that i'm interested in working with. During the interview process, I'm worried about some questions that will come up.

If you haven't read my previous posts on this website I'll give a quick summary. I've already been in a graduate program where I didn't recieve any support from my graduate advisor. After failed projects, research ideas, and lost of drive my advisor released me from his lab. I was in this lab for 4 years. Now that I feel that I've finally recovered, I'm ready to go back to grad school. I'm wanting to know how to handle questions that will come up about my past.

I feel that some (or all) may as "why I didn't finish, or why I was kicked out." I'm just not wanting to freak out and screw myself out of an awesome opportunity.


how about telling the truth (without getting into personality assassination). remember that whatever you tell them can be confirmed.