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Optimisation of immunofluorescence staining images on Powerpoint slides - (Feb/06/2012 )

I find that in alot of scientific presentations, mine included, that immunofluorescence images don't always appear on screen as desired. Sometimes the appearance on screen is totally different from the nicer images we see on the computer. This could be due to the projector but how do you get around this issue.

Alot of times the presenters would mention that they see a positive result on their laptop but screen appears to be pitch black or only showing the DAPI.

How do we get by this? Increase the contrast/brightness?

-science noob-

I think it has to do with the number of colors and/or pixels that the projector can display compared to your computer's screen, but I haven't investigated this thoroughly. I have overcome this problem by adjusting the brightness and contrast as you suggest. It might be good to do some tests:
1) do these problems still hold if you convert to grayscale?
2) do .pdfs have this problem as well?
3) if you set your computer to a reduced # of colors and pixels format do you have the same problem on your screen?
4) if you prepare your slides in a reduced # of colors and pixels format, do you overcome this problem?