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Funding for workshop S.O.S. - (Jan/31/2012 )

Hi! I need help!
I am a PhD student from Argentina, and I want to make a 3-days workshop in USA, but we don´t have enough financial sources. Does anyone know any institution which can help me (grants, fellowship)???
Thanks (sorry about my English)


Try to ask sponsor from your supplier...

-Adrian K-

Thanks for your answer... I`ve already done ask for a grant to the supplier, but they said no... Do you know any institution yo do it???


Well, we usually ask few suppliers to chip in a portion of money, not just one supplier bear the whole cost.
Not sure which travel workshop you are attending, but most will award a few travel grants for you to apply, such as Pasteur institute.

-Adrian K-

I want to make the workshop “Analytical Techniques for the Quantitation of Angiogenesis and Lymphoangiogenesis” (Biotechnology Training Courses at the National Institutes of Health)... I will apply in Pasteur Institute... Can you recommend anyone else???? THNAKS!!!


If you have a scholarships (or post-graduate) office at your university, try asking them, there may well be small travel grants you can apply for.

I don't think the Pasteur institute will give you money to attend a course at the NIH - try applying to the NIH!


If you are affiliated with a hospital ask as many suppliers as possible A(as adrian K mentioned above) including pharmaceutical reps, equipment suppliers, disposables, chemicals, diagnostic reagents, etc etc. You should especially approach domestic corporations and spread the cost. Good luck.