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Position of Professor Emeritus - (Nov/30/2011 )

Hi All,

If a professor was conferred Professor Emeritus in "university A", can he/she still join "university B" as professor?

Have you been supervised under any Prof Emeritus before?


-Adrian K-

Oooh not sure, I've never worked with a Professor Emeritus before, not even sure I've even met one.


I guess it depends on the universities regulations...E.g. If there's an upper age limit an Emeritus won't get a job in that because he's just too old. Or the regulations forbid the Emeritus to take over another professorship. Or there are no regulations at all. So it depends.
Here in Germany most universities disestablished the emeritus and professors retire as other employees too. Luckily.


I don't see why a emeritus professor would want to move to a different university to the one that provided him/her the title.
I've met one via email, he was an amazing guy, who actually provided the material i once posted about the pub science some time ago.


more money, more reputation, more work....some people need and like this


when is your emeritus professorship due dr H? ;) :lol: