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Want to help make biology questions for a quiz game? - (Sep/07/2011 )

Hey guys,
I represent an online quiz game called 'Game Of Nerds' which I've developed over the last year with a friend and which we launched two months ago. The game (in which users can compete in 15 archetypically 'nerdy' categories such as biology, physics, chemistry, math, computers, science fiction, video games, etc.) is doing pretty well, but some of the quiz categories are lagging behind the others in number of questions, meaning that they're easier for players to just memorize. One of those categories is, you guessed it - biology.

That's why I'm here - to encourage anyone interested to drop by and unload some of your awesome bio knowledge (as well as chemistry/physics) by creating questions using our handy 'Create Questions' page. It's all accessible from the game interface and pretty easy to figure out. The game is pretty dependent on having a decent number of questions in each category so it doesn't get repetitive.

The address is, if anyone's interested. If you have any questions about the project or the request for help, you can use this thread or mail me at Thanks in advance.


I guess one or another nerd can remember all questions after playing the game once, independent how many questions there are...


I cant imagine that my best category is computer gadgets, followed by chemistry, computer software, internet and finally biology...
I was wondering why I study biology all these while...

-Adrian K-