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Commom ancestry? - (Aug/09/2011 )

Hi everyone. :)
According to the theory of evolution, humans are very closely related to monkeys and have a common origin.Who was this common ancestor?Do we know it?I couldn't find such data.


You have it a little wrong... the theory of evolution states nothing about the relationship between monkeys and humans (or other apes), it merely states that orgasnisms evolve.

However, humans and the other apes are "closely" related according to a number of factors including DNA sequence and anatomy. Common ancestor - how would we know what it looks/looked like? Can you hypothesise what features it might have?

Google is a good place to search, keywords like human, monkey and ancestor will get you a long way.

As your post looks suspiciously like homework, I won't go into more detail unless you do a bit of research yourself (and post some here to demonstrate your understanding). We are usually quite happy to check and expand on stuff that you have found out for yourself...



Thank you for response. No,it's not for homework. I'm just interested in the theory of evolution.
You asked me how it looks like?I think it would be something like a chimp.
Could we find a fossil of that species?

ps.I'm sorry I'm late with the answer.


Why chimps - they aren't monkeys (they are apes - there is a difference!)? Why wouldn't they look like Lemurs?

How about Proconsul? or Notharctus?

Perhaps a visit to wikipedia and looking at the human evolution page would be a good start for you? Unless you happen to be trolling?


There were remains found in southern Africa. These remains are believed to be around 2.5 million years old and offer a glimpse into the DNA of our shift from apes to human beings. One theory that is gaining a solid foothold is the idea that apes began living near the ocean because of access to an abundance of food. The need to walk in the water forced them to stand upright more often than not. Ultimately this all lead to our developments and the modern human being.


Greame - you know you are replying to quite old threads here?  I only know you are replying because I use the "view new content" filter