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Program for box plot charts? - (Jul/23/2011 )


anyone knows a good (and/or free) program to make box plot diagrams?

Excel is not really able to create such charts :(


In this thread the mentioned excel alternatives can mostly make boxplots (I use Sigmaplot and it works well, but the software is not free).
For Excel several add-ins and templates exit to help excel (though not all are good). Just search them with google and try out.


At the moment I use R for boxplots.


From my experience, excel did a bad job in boxplot. I used to get a few online excel template to do such work and the data calculated were not even correct, after I compare with SPSS and Minitab14.

For online boxplot: try:

hope this helps ^_^

-Adrian K-

Thank you all for your help and suggestion.

A friend of mine has an licence of Origin 8.5.

This program is very very handy to make boxplots (but unfortunately very expensive).