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"quantification" vs. "quantitation"? - (May/30/2011 )

I wonder if there is any difference betwen words "quantification" and "quantisation"? I understand "quantification" and googled "quantisation", but still no good feeling. I came across these 2 words in diploma theses dealing w. QPCR and I am not sure whether the candidate uses them correctly.
Thank you for help.



Never heard of "quantisation" in qPCR in a meaning like "mRNA quantification". Quantisation as defined on Wikipedia seems like something different than counting the number of template molecules, which is what qPCR is for. Quantisation as I learned is a process of simplyfing some values, like an image of sound compression, so unless it was used in this meaning, I don't think it's used right.


as trof already said, these two words refer to different things. and if the candidate is using it under a qPCR context i'd say it's not right. to date, i've never seen in a publication the word quantisation when they actually mean quantification. hope that helps.


i have never come across the term quantisation... i have often confused myself between quantification and quantitation but learnt that both mean the same.. its just the preference of people what they want to use..


My boss always says "quantitation".


Quantification; quantization is related to quantum mechanics or maths.