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thesis help - (Apr/03/2011 )

in my thesis, do i need to include the result of every step, or just include the important findings of my study?
e.g. if i m doing gene expression analysis, do i need to include everything from RIN/purity/concentration of the RNA obtained? or just state whether the gene is expressed? thank u!


doesnt your school has rules for this?

And what do you mean by telling the results of each step? every detail or?
The examples you gave: yes, most often people indeed include the purity of the DNA that was used or the concentration.

You for sure do need to tell your material and this section tells more about the DNA/rna used...
or most of it can also be told in the results...

Its hard to tell if we dont know more.
+ I think this is a question you need to ask your professor who is supervising you....