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Recent Graduate how to Distinguish myself Out of School? - Shooting for awards or high GRE/MCAT? (Feb/11/2011 )

I graduated with a bachelors in molecular cell biology and I'm having trouble finding a job. So there were a variety of opportunities to distinguish yourself during college. And I have a few things under my belt because of that, I did research during college should've lead to a publication (you should always learn something from research), but in the end did not..... So I do have lab experience, but it's still tough given the economy, I don't want to waste anymore time.

I've recently learned web design (static + dynamic with servers) and I've learned basic python programming. What else can I do to stand out?

I saw all these awards and I was wondering if anyone knew of anything else I could compete in:

Also I figure having a great GRE/MCAT is the clearest way to distinguish yourself, since it shows where you stand with everyone else.

Any helpful tips? Anything is greatly appreciated.


Membership and volunteer work in professional organizations. It is one thing to do work and publish it is another to volunteer time to promote scientific education and growth.


Use your python skills to enhance your bioinformatic abilities -- Biopython is a good place to start. I saw this coming many years ago (at the start of genomics) and taught myself Perl. It has increased my value to the lab enormously -- we can ask questions of the data and get answers that other labs struggle with or find impossible.