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Automated Cell Separation: Win A RoboSep - Win an automated cell separator in this Facebook photo contest (Jan/28/2011 )

Hi BioForum,

I’m writing from STEMCELL Technologies, which produces standardized cell culture media as well as fast and easy cell isolation products, especially for immune cells.

We are currently running the “Walk Away With A RoboSep™” Photo Contest, where the Grand Prize is a RoboSep™ automated cell separator for one year. If you’d like to get away from sample handling or cross-contamination woes, here’s your chance to win. All you have to do is fill out our entry form and submit a photo of yourself with the completed message, “RoboSep lets me walk away…”

Anyway, I hope some of you will take a minute to check out the neat video we made at Thanks, and I hope to see some creative entries from you!

The Cell Separation Team at STEMCELL Technologies
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-Walk Away With A RoboSep-

this goes in the vendors section not the technical.


sgt4boston on Mon Jan 31 11:50:14 2011 said:

this goes in the vendors section not the technical.

My apologies - thanks for letting me know and I'll move it there immediately.

-Walk Away With A RoboSep-

Too bad that not a lot of countries can apply for the contest...