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I keep getting rejected for post-doc - WTH? (Jan/26/2011 )

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casandra on Tue Feb 8 03:22:38 2011 said:

hmmm...4 months of stipend,eh..... how about I take a rain check now so that you can finish first your masters, then move on to PhD , afterwards a post-doc and finally a high paying job and then you can send me my ang pow (with interest of course :P) break a leg Adrian...

"Ouch"... thanks for your wish and I hope is not my leg which had to be broken... lolx ... I do not have any insurance policies to cover myself or my family members.
Can't promise you a rain check now, but will definitely send you one when I afford... ^_^

p/s: huh, have not use SYBR Green, Texas Red or Pacific Blue yet... but Coomassie Brilliant Blue, yes. I bet you had a bunch collections of GOLD "Maple leaf"...

-adrian kohsf-
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