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Alternative uses for a masters degree in molecular biology? - (Dec/09/2010 )

Hello peeps,
I've been thinking a lot lately. Some months ago I obtained my masters degree in molecular biology. I can't say whether it's just a problem in my country or internationally, but there's few jobs that I feel that I have the proper education to apply for. There's mostly ph.d's, which is something which I might potentially look for in the future, but right now I feel that I need more lab experience. I'd like to further educate myself in something which would be useful for getting a job in the industry that, like GMP. I've struggled a lot doing experiments and I feel that I might just not have what it takes to do experimental science.

My question is: What kind of jobs apart from experimental scientist can I realistically use my degree for and what do I eventually have to further educate myself in to get that kind of job?

Thank you.

-Myosin II-

you can teach


You could go in for health and safety managment, general technician (i.e. making solutions etc), laboratory demonstrator, sales representative for equipment/reagents.


you can also do applications of customer with problems in usage of equipment. Also technical support for company selling equipment and supplies, manufacturing...


the following url might be of interest:


check out this article from bitesize bio.