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E-book readers for readering papers - Have you tried any? (Dec/09/2010 )

Hello folks,

I am considering buying an e-book reader to read papers (my major is developmental biology) on my way to the lab and back (2 hours everyday) I was wondering if anybody uses it. I was thinking of buying kindle but not too sure of pros and cons.

I am only aware of fact that figures will be an issue due to black and white nature of the screen but rest should not be an issue.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


this review by cnet may be useful:

kindle vs nook vs ipad

if you want to read color documents on a relatively inexpensive reader then you may want to consider the nook.


Our library has a range of e-readers available for staff/students to try out; check to see if yours does.

If you are planning on using this for work make sure that the reader copes with pdf’s (the nook I tried was hopeless at scaling pdf’s, but there is a new version out).
Be wary of the generic readers; they are often unable to access the proprietary literature.