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How to block editing of a power point file? - (Nov/08/2010 )

I want to send a power point file (instead of a pdf) which should be presentable but not editable. Any ideas?

-Inmost sun-

You might save it as self-running version (pack to CD or similar formerly known as packandgo)...There is an option to add a password.


in PP2003: Tools -> Options -> Security - there you should have two options for password - for opening the file and changes.


Thanks for contributions, with password itīs okay but I think there are tools around to crack it...

-Inmost sun-

There are tools and skills that allow to crack almost every protection method you can use.

If your presentation does not use animations and things like that you can make PDF out of it - you can present it but most of the people will be unable to edit it (you can also block printing and copying this way). (There's free software to make PDF - eg. Bullzip printer etc.)

Flash would allow you to make fully interactive presentation that is not easy to edit, but it requires a lot of skill and from what I know it would require you to make the presentation anew.

If you want animations and stuff you can even make HD video out of your prestentation. :)