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Does PhD study counts as job experience? - (Sep/03/2010 )

I started to register on various websites with jobs for scientists and at some of them they require you to provide them with "years of experience". I do have good couple of years of PhD study laboratory work experience, but only a fraction of that being really employed.

What should I do?

What is common point of view on this matter in different countries?


I would sure mention it.

Doing a PhD is hard work too..

However: did you finish it?
Or were you working for someone that was doing his/her PhD?


I'm sorry, I wasn't clear enough. What I'm talking about is an on-line form or profile on a website. You can upload you CV but they require to provide them with "years of experience" in separate field and they don't specify what does it mean to them.

Of course I have all the details in my CV, no problem with that.

I'm on the very end of my PhD study - technically I've finished the study itself when I've submitted my thesis for the review but the title is granted after public defence.


Then enter your phd work as work in that specific field.