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UK English vs. US English - scratching my head... >_< (Aug/05/2010 )

Hi everyone!

So I am based in a UK lab trying to submit a paper to an American journal. My boss, by default, encourages me to write in UK English, however would it matter if I am submitting to an American journal? Would they want me to write in American English?

All these "organize" vs "organise" and "colonize" vs. "colonize" is doing my head in lol :angry:

Thanks a munch!




most of us here in the us understand uk english (colour vs. color, etc). go ahead and write the way you know, we'll figure it out.


I would write the way that comes most naturally to you, thus your paper will read better. Let the American editors worry about the differences between US and UK differences. I can tell you, as an American, I've never considered using UK English when submitting to UK publications like Nature...


Analyze, analyse :rolleyes: .
There are so many. I would simply chose one language and be consistent. Maybe the editor or reviewer will correct them anyway (or ask you to change).
That reminds me when I arrived in the US. I learned British english, so I had quite a few surprises :P


I just found this. Hope it helps.